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Once a Dream Did Weave a Shade – Karlis Books

Once a Dream Did Weave a Shade
Kārlis Bergs
84 pages
21×14,8 cm
Handbound french link stitch
Edition of 500

“On some level we all want to be somebody else, somebody special. We all look for that transformative thing, that for a moment makes us forget who we are and lets us be free from our worries. I think most people find it on some level or another – a place where they can forget who they are and become somebody else.
One of the ways of forgetting who you are is by being a sports spectator. Losing yourself in the crowd, you breathe together with everybody, you are not you. You are a part of something bigger, something more significant. Something that makes you feel like you are part of what is happening out there on a field, something that makes you forget who you are. It doesn’t matter if you are out there among thousands of people, or in front of your TV; you know that their victories are your victories. “

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