The sky opens twice – AIR group show

The sky opens twice - In Between Shores artists-in-residency group show.

14/06 - 15/07
JEST Fotografia
via Galliari 15/D Torino

Ardesia Projects and JEST Fotografia are delighted to invite to the group exhibition The sky opens twice displaying the final works from the Artists-In-Residency In-Between-Shores.

The researcher has the duty to recklessly abandon themself for the chase of an intuition, endure the tickling of doubt and tolerate the persistency of method. In the shared solitude of the photographic research, artist residencies provide a space of encounter between languages; the contact of these languages originates a heuristic opening composed by a compenetration of methods and visions.

Examining themes of the invisible, the exhibited works perform a whispered dialogue on the elusiveness of time and the metamorphoses of form, interrogating the possibilities of sight in the perception of the abyss of that which is not visible. Time and space return transfigured, shaped by the stillness of the photographic image which returns with generosity a vestige of the ungraspable.

The Sky Opens Twice is the result of twenty three days of cohabitation and production shared by Roisin White (IRL), Ginevra Shay (USA), Sybren Vanoverberghe (BE), Piergiorgio Sorgetti (IT) and Fiona Filipidis (FR/UK) in the context of the artist residency In-Between Shores, created by Ardesia Projects in collaboration with JEST.

Curated by Benedetta Casagrande
Artists in show:

Fiona Filippis
Ginevra Shay
Piergiorgio Sorgetti
Sybren Vanoverberghe 
Roisin White



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