Ardesia Projects for Soft Power Platform: European Artist Convention.
Open-air Exhibition, Tiergarten, Berlin

Philip Arneill, Riccardo Banfi, Chase Barnes, Lewis Bush, Christine Carr, Magali Duzant, Anne Erhard, Raisa Galofre, Céline Gobillard, Vardit Goldner, Elena Helfrecht, Hannes Jung, Gena Kagermanov, Lei Wenqingao, Milla Lewis, Mire Nimmegeers & Eri Vanluchene, Martha Ormiston, Alice Palchetti, Al Palmer, James Parkin, Iacopo Pasqui, Bärbel Praun, Weronika Perlowska, Alexandra Soldatova, Hiro Tanaka, Ana Zibelnik. 

Curated by Michele Amaglio and Dimitri D'Ippolito. Find more info here.


Creative Storm : Curate With Us 

Brighton Photo Fringe 2018,
Phoenix Gallery, Brighton

In occasion of Brighton Photo Fringe Festival 2018, Ardesia Projects adopts a new, challenging workshop format at Phoenix Gallery. Led by Tom Heatley and Dulcie Wagstaff, the public is invited to participate to a collaborative curatorial process. Photography changes everything, and we invite you to change photography.

First session – 02.10
installing the works of Dulcie Wagstaff and Bryony Good

Second session – 12.10
installing the works of Tom Heatley and Jacob Clayton


Rottura di Superficie (Break of the Surface)


B#S gallery, Treviso

Ardesia Projects, in collaboration with B#S Gallery and Current Corporate is delighted to present the group show “Rottura di superficie” with the artists Ginevra Shay, Linda Alborghetti and Marco Bellini, Nicola Novello, curated by Michele Amaglio.

Rottura di Superficie (Break of the surface) is a group shot that gathers different practice from Photography to visual arts exploring the concept of photographic surface. At the limit between the object of representation and its result, the photographic surface has become more and more a subtle boundary often undefined. With the digital revolution, the contemporary image migrates from screen to screen, losing its physical aspect till almost its disappear; it becomes a fluid, able to create new relationships with other medias such as sculpture and video.

The three bodies of work in show explore the theme of the break of the surface, which can happen with the expansion of the image towards sculptural forms – thus appropriating new representation surfaces – or within the image itself in order to dissolve narratives around the image and create news visual landscapes.

The Sky Opens Twice


JEST gallery, Turin

The researcher has the duty to recklessly abandon themself for the chase of an intuition, endure the tickling of doubt and tolerate the persistency of method. In the shared solitude of the photographic research, artist residencies provide a space of encounter between languages; the contact of these languages originates a heuristic opening composed by a compenetration of methods and visions.

Examining themes of the invisible, the exhibited works perform a whispered dialogue on the elusiveness of time and the metamorphoses of form, interrogating the possibilities of sight in the perception of the abyss of that which is not visible. Time and space return transfigured, shaped by the stillness of the photographic image which returns with generosity a vestige of the ungraspable.

Curated by Benedetta Casagrande, The Sky Opens Twice is the result of twenty-three days of cohabitation and production shared by Roisin White (IRL), Ginevra Shay (USA), Sybren Vanoverberghe (BE), Piergiorgio Sorgetti (IT) and Fiona Filipidis (FR/UK) in the context of the artist residency In-Between Shores, created by Ardesia Projects in collaboration with JEST.

Creative Storm

From 2017, every last Saturday of the month.

Tempesta Creativa sessions in Milan are currently suspended.

For the next session in Brighton, please refer to our Facebook page.

Ardesia Projects is a photography platform created by artists for artists. Conscious of the solitude that characterizes the work of the free-lance photographer and of the tendency to remain trapped within the creative process, we decided to launch a series of encounters dedicated to supporting the development of independent projects, inviting photographers from any background to participate in a creative exchange. The participants are invited to bring a project proposal to initiate discussions around it and to find mutual support through the exchange of research and ideas.

The end of the encounters is to provide a constructive space which knows no barriers, in which to celebrate error, experimentation and dialogue. We hope to create a space rich of stimuli in which to grow thanks to a compenetration of ideas and alternative approaches.

To participate or to confirm your attendance please get in touch with:

Milan: Benedetta Casagrande //

Brighton: Dulcie Wagstaff //


Collective Hubs at Brighton Photo Fringe 2016

Michele Amaglio and Dimitri D'ippolito

part of Brighton Photo Fringe Collective Hub

Opening Saturday 1 October 5-11 pm

King's House, Grand Avenue Hove, BN3 2LS

1-30 October 2016

Ardesia Projects is hosting an exhibition at the Brighton Photo Fringe Collective Hubs at the Kings House venue, showcasing the work by two active members of the collective. Dimitri D’Ippolito and Michele Amaglio are two Italian photographers,both recently graduated from the University of Brighton. In the exhibition, their two most recent projects which consider social and economical issues of today’s society through an exploration of landscape.

Dimitri D’Ippolito’s body of work They Are Not investigates the phenomenon of money laundering in the UK, specifically in the city of London. Most of the financial businesses lead by these organisations take place in the British capital, right in the middle of the most important European financial pole. The sense of uncanny created by the obscured identity of the people portrayed allows the viewer to perceive the investigation’s arduousness and that of disentangling the subject matter.

With the body of work Traum Jesolo, Michele Amaglio investigates the visual aesthetic of the seaside resort town of Jesolo in the North Eastern coast of Italy. Hotels, fun fairs and clubs rapidly emerged in the landscape and contributed to the creation of a utopian perspective of collective optimism. Jesolo Traum represents a visual enquiry on the rapid change of aesthetics of Jesolo from the optimistic dream to the simulation of an exotic paradise.



Seán Padraic Birnie - James William Murray - Alberto Sinigalia

Private view: 3rd October 2016, 6-10pm

The Naked Eye Gallery

5 Farm Mews, Farm Road, Hove BN3 1GH

03 - 18 October 2016

Curated by Benedetta Casagrande within the context of Brighton Photo Fringe 2016, Ardesia Projects presents SCREENED, a showcase of photographic works by three artists which explore the technical characteristics of the camera apparatus in order to question the politics of vision embed in photography. British-based artists Seán Padraic Birnie (Magnum Photos/Photo London Graduate Photographers Award 2016 winner) and James William Murray will show new work alongside Italian photographer Alberto Sinigaglia’s critically acclaimed Big Sky Hunting. Placing emphasis on the humans mind’s capacity to create and imagine what it wants to see, SCREENED explores the obscurities and revelations of a medium always caught between darkness and light.